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This blog is by me Rick Jesse and maybe one or two smart people. Let me tell you about myself, so you can see if you want to read my mind!?

I am a graphic designer by trade and also a creative and entrepreneurial thinker. I used to work in a Design Week Top Ten Agency doing really cool stuff, for big brands. Whilst I was at that agency I learnt some significant lessons about design, mainly that design was not only about ‘graphic design’. After four years in that job I started Dogtooth, my design company. It started off well picking up local and national clients, then I came across the idea of wall stickers, and Wall Glamour® was born.

Wall Glamour turned out to be a pretty big deal for me and was featured on several TV shows and many magazines and newspapers throughout the UK and the world. The doors opened to many new opportunities and the business grew considerably over the first few years. I see Wall Glamour as one of the products/brands created by Dogtooth, but it remains as the mainstay of the business.


A recent profile test I took suggests that…

“Rick needs to work toward making commitments to fewer projects so he completes more of the ones he begins. The high value he places on critical analysis, competence and forthright

communication fosters a perception that he doesn’t particularly care about peoples feelings. He may adopt an “if you’ve got a headache take an aspirin” attitude, which indicates a lack of empathy to some.”

Ok so that is a pretty true statement about me, so forgive me if I come over as too forthright, I am trying to work on these things. I have tried to remove a number of commercial opportunities from under the Dogtooth banner to focus on Wall Glamour®. But in creating a blog I may have just made a new one…ooops.

I tweet @rickjesse