Always On

It’s the weekend and you are winding down for the weekend. Or are you? 

As a dad and small business owner, I realise I’m a bit of a workaholic, and that impacts my family. I used to struggle to leave the micro stuff at work, like orders, emails and production, but I found that it gets easier as I built a solid team.

However, even away from the studio, my mind is almost always on the macro picture – on where we are going, company structure, opportunities, the vision, etc etc, this is rather than being in the moment.

So last night I caught this one little line in a webinar I was watching which really stood out to me:

“It’s not the being away from your kids that is the problem, it is the not being there”.

Obviously this can also mean with your significant other.

For me the point is about switching off and giving quality time to the people that matter.

Customers matter, but you can live without the needy ones.
Most of us can’t live without our families.

As a business owner, do you get to switch off?
Or are you ‘always on’?