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Customer Experience

I’ve never really been a Disney kind of person. But I recently got back from Disneyland Paris, which is my second visit in less than a year.

So how come I went back so soon?

Because the Disney experience was excellent, and honestly, I’m a convert!

I was blown away by the staff, the thought, the quality, the attention to detail of ‘all of the show’. From start to finish. The holiday made me a fan for life. Yes, it was overly expensive, but I was prepared to pay that for the experience.

Disney has given me a number of huge business lessons.

But for now, I’ll just point out the obvious… I paid a premium for something I could have had cheaper. Why?

Because of the service, attention to detail and the experience.

Customer experience is everything: from your website, business cards and first interactions, to the way you package, send, teach or deliver something.

The customer experience is what will keep people coming back. It will keep people talking about you, it will keep your stock high so you can charge more for the overall experience.

Focus on the customer experience and you won’t go far wrong.