Miracle Mornings

Inspired by a book I listened to a while ago, I have a morning routine that appears to coincide with when I’m performing at my optimum…or at least feeling my best…which often produces the best work.

The book is called Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, definitely worth a read if you want to change some stuff in your life, from a productivity perspective I mean. Of course, leaving your family and setting sail on a yacht to Timbuktu will also change your life, but I’d leave that¬†until you’ve exhausted a few other less drastic options first.

The nub of the book is as follows:

Do the following every morning:
1. Meditate (or pray)
2. Affirmations (positive thoughts)
3. Visualise (keep your mind on your goals)
4. Exercise
5. Reading
6. Writing or Journaling

It’s that simple. The book actually has a great and compelling story as the author had a huge car accident.

If you’re a little jaded about self-help stuff, I totally understand – I was too. But actually, if you sift through the mountains of self-help stuff some of it is really helpful. The “miracle morning” would rank as one of my more effective life strategies. So stick with it and watch this little summary of the book:¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GrEfodZztk

In reality, I don’t follow this idea exactly to the letter, but I do follow the principle. So tweak and fine-tune your own Miracle Morning.