Morning Routine

This post is something I wrote a while ago.

Getting up early is one of the keys to the metaphorical door of success. You use the key to unlock your day.

It is what you do with those early hours that gets you to walk through and on to success and fulfilled potential.

Not one action in isolation can generate success, but if you wanted one over-arching principle it would be SELF-DISCIPLINE.

Oh dear, you thought that getting up early was going to make easy wealth? Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

The following actions are some of the things I see successful people doing when they get up early:

  • They meditate.
  • They are grateful for what they have.
  • They use positive words/thoughts to change their mindset.
  • They visualise where they want to be.
  • They read.
  • They write a journal.
  • They exercise.

What do you do that you believe contributes to your success in business?

Share any tips!