Nancy says “Just Say No”

What are you like at saying NO to clients or opportunities?

I read a great phrase once:

“If you don’t say HELL YEAH, then say NO”

…meaning if it isn’t awesome/epic/mint/sensational, turn it down!

I used to find it difficult to say ‘No’, I think I’m a bit of a people pleaser, but these days I am much stricter with where I use my own energy.

There are some things that are easy to pass on, if it’s not in line with where I am going or if I don’t get excited by it. But sometimes I allow the money-maker-mindset to creep in if I see a commercial opportunity. And that was when I used to find myself saying ‘Yes’.

However, the problem was then that I often lost interest if it was just about money and then I begrudged the project.

Say ‘NO’ more often.

Keep your energy for projects that make you feel excited. Trust your gut!

Don’t fall for the cash incentive on it’s own. But the money-maker-mindset is dynamite when partnered with real excitement at the project.