Domain Tip

For example, I have as my main domain, I also have the .com too and the .net and .co etc etc. I have nearly all of my brand name domains.

Why? Because I don’t want people to squat on them, and they do.

Buy up as many keyword domains as you can for your niche.

This helps stop your competitors from ranking better than you and stealing your sales. If you have keyword domains in your niche, point them at your brand website.

I tried to get hold of and but they were already gone. So I registered as many lower quality keyword domains as I dared.

If you can get hold of the .com in your main keyword some might even say forget the brand name domain, it could be the difference between tens of thousands vs millions of sales.

My analogy is that it’s a bit like buying up all the shops on a high street, clearing them all out and putting a sign in all of their windows pointing to your shop.

–> You get all the traffic from the domains, and no one can steal your sales.

When you are starting a new venture, I would always walk away from a brand domain if you can’t get all the top-level ones .com .net etc.

If someone else owns them, you will never get them, or you will have to pay serious numbers to get hold of them.

I paid £2k in bitcoin, for one domain before. Today that ten BTC are worth £100k. And that’s the cheap end of the scale

I personally preffer brand/product names that are interesting or unique. I find a keyword brand name is kind of boring and often uncopyrightable (something else to remember). So I would look at a brandable-domain which we will discuss in my next blog post.