This is a reboot, of a reboot, of a launch of an idea, from another website I once built. In fact, I’ve actually lost count of the number of websites and blogs I’ve had over the years. So I figured one more would not be a problem.

However, this time I’m approaching it with a very different mindset, as I am thinking more about this as a collection on writings, some old, some new. The difference before was it usually had a profit motive in mind when I started blogs in the past. These blogs were often to support a new idea or business opportunity. This has no such agenda and therefore will be a quite unusual mix of thoughts from business to psychology, from self-improvement to branding, and there may be a few fictional stories in there, just because it is my blog.

I realise I am one voice in millions, so I may never be heard, but the safety in that is I probably can’t make too much of a mess. Right.


I want to also give a slight apology before I start. Firstly as a visual thinker academics was never my strong suit so I’m not great at grammar, and spelling. I would go as far as saying I am probably a little dyslexic, but part of me feels its a little too fashionable to hide behind that, so lets just say I’m rubbish at that sort of stuff and well leave it there.

Also I identify as one of those ‘creative-types’, and sometimes I feel I may come over a little superior, as I channel that creativity. It is never my intention to make anyone feel less bad if they don’t feel creative. In fact it would be my greatest pleasure to show anyone they can be creative. If you ever think that sounds a bit self-involved, a bit up myself, please forgive me and understand I, as with most people, often feel like the creative imposter.

But let’s not worry about that kind of stuff because being British I do my best to ignore it and press on regardless, with a touch of light humour thrown at those inadequacies and that my confidence is usually at it’s peak around pint number three.
(after three pints, replace the word confidence with stupidity).