Domain Tip

For example, I have as my main domain, I also have the .com too and the .net and .co etc etc. I have nearly all of my brand… Read more »

Morning Routine

This post is something I wrote a while ago. Getting up early is one of the keys to the metaphorical door of success. You use the key… Read more »

Carpe Momentum

Carpe Diem is latin for ‘seize the day’ but what about Carpe Momentum, which is ‘seize the moment’? Life in business is a balance of your ambitions… Read more »

Save Yourself

“No one is coming to save you.” I heard or read this recently from someone, and it struck a chord with me. I’ve always felt a little… Read more »


Any good books on the go? What are your recommendations for books about any aspect of business?  I listen to a lot of audio books and my… Read more »

Always On

It’s the weekend and you are winding down for the weekend. Or are you?  As a dad and small business owner, I realise I’m a bit of… Read more »